It’s the time of the year to relax and travel! We’re now waiting to board the plane, and excited to experience our first winter! Seoul, here we come! 😃 Advertisements

Transiting from Day 5 to Day 6 of our Taiwan Escapade, we took the High Speed Train 高铁, and travelled from Taichung 台中 to Kaohsiung 高雄. Again, we rushed for the train, hoping to catch the train we planned to take. But when we got to the ticketing machine, only Business Class seats were available […]

[Article extracted from Thought Catalog, by J Zaide] My friend and I went to Scandinavia recently. Despite my friend losing all her money to pickpockets and us scrimping on the money I have with me, I would still say that it was my most enjoyable and relaxing trip that has taught me valuable lessons in […]

On day 5 of our Taiwan Escapade, we’re heading to Sun Moon Lake 日月潭! Some people believe that if you have never been to Sun Moon Lake 日月, it simply means that you have not been to Taiwan. And so, this was our plan for Day 5. Breakfast in hotel > Set off toSun Moon Lake 日月潭 […]

Day 4 of our Taiwan Escapade brings us to our 2nd stop of our 5-day backpacking tour – Taichung 台中! And this was our plan for Day 4. Breakfast @ Jiufen 九份 > Set off to Taichung 台中 > Check in @ Cityinn Hotel Plus (Taichung Station Branch) > Lunch @ Yizhong Street 一中街 > Optional: […]

What’s good posting about other countries except your own? Sunny Singapore is more than what the locals see everyday. So here’s one of the two articles I’ve chanced upon so far. Explored and written by local writers/bloggers, it writes about a few of the beautiful but known-by-little places of Singapore  :) I personally would LOVE […]

I usually try not to post Travel Extracts so often and I tend to keep articles till what I deem as an appropriate time in between my entries. BUT I can’t resist posting this article from Thought Catalogu immediately!! [Article extracted from Thought Catalog, By Scott Percelay.] If you have the opportunity to pack your […]