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Whoever Said They Don’t Like to Shop, Simply Haven’t Found Bangkok ;)

Pardon me for taking so long to finish up my Taiwan entries :/ While waiting, my friend has kindly shared her Bangkok itinerary with me! Her sis travelled over to the shopping haven country on 30 October, while my friend and her cousins joined her sis from 1 November onwards. Download her full itinerary HERE […]

A Dreamlike Trip to Bangkok

Why did I title it dreamlike? Cause my boyf and I are embarking on this Bangkok trip to see his all-time favourite Manchester United in BKK! Yup, they’re on an Asia Tour after winning the English Premier League for the 20th time! It was so difficult for us to secure tickets to watch their matches! […]

Places to go in Bangkok

My friend asked me, where to go in Bangkok! I’ve personally been to Bangkok twice only actually, but my friend thought I’ve been there many times. I decided to do a compilation for her from my past 2 trips, and added a little more information that I googled. Feel free to share with me some […]

10 Must Try Food Places in Bangkok

Found this blog as one of my friends shared it on Facebook. I would like to find these places the next time I head to Bangkok! The following article is fully extracted from Miss Tam Chiak’s Blog. No content has been amended. Click here to view the original blog entry and click here to find […]

Girly Trip to BKK!

It’s the first time my group of girlfriends (CliqueIts) from poly flew together for a holiday, and it’s no less than Bangkok (BKK)! How much more excited can we get! Hehe, and it was also my first time to BKK. Although we had a total of 8 girls, only 6 of us went together for […]