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The impulse to travel is one of the hopeful symptoms of life.

Last Wednesday marked the end of my wonderful 12 days trip to Taiwan with my dearest friend Cheryl! Words can’t describe all the emotions and experiences felt during the trip! Where should I begin?.. Right from the beginning, it took both of us a leap of faith to go on this journey together. We haven’t […]

A Dreamlike Trip to Bangkok

Why did I title it dreamlike? Cause my boyf and I are embarking on this Bangkok trip to see his all-time favourite Manchester United in BKK! Yup, they’re on an Asia Tour after winning the English Premier League for the 20th time! It was so difficult for us to secure tickets to watch their matches! […]

Girly Trip to BKK!

It’s the first time my group of girlfriends (CliqueIts) from poly flew together for a holiday, and it’s no less than Bangkok (BKK)! How much more excited can we get! Hehe, and it was also my first time to BKK. Although we had a total of 8 girls, only 6 of us went together for […]

First Trip out of Asia

First trip out of Asia, to Europe! Usually, many people will travel for 2-3 weeks in Europe, exploring the different countries in the region. For me, it was as school band/orchestra trip to Vienna & Salzburg; the land of MUSIC! Our main purpose of travel was to take part in the Summa Cum Laude competition […]

My First Airplane Ride!

The first time I ever took an airplane, flew overseas, is with my Junior College’s Symphonic Band in year 2005. My first ever plane ride is on United Airlines from Singapore (SG) to Hong Kong (HK). The memories of the trip will and can never be erased :’) We did exceptionally well for our SG […]