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买东西,吃东西,non-stop eating & shopping!

[[ ** Updated on 23 October 2015 ** ]] Can you guess which country is this? If you have not guessed it right, it’s Hong Kong – Asia’s World City! After my 3rd trip to this Dim Sum Country, my friends have been asking me for some recommendations, tips, information, etc. After sending them emails, […]

Whoever Said They Don’t Like to Shop, Simply Haven’t Found Bangkok ;)

Pardon me for taking so long to finish up my Taiwan entries :/ While waiting, my friend has kindly shared her Bangkok itinerary with me! Her sis travelled over to the shopping haven country on 30 October, while my friend and her cousins joined her sis from 1 November onwards. Download her full itinerary HERE […]

Taiwan in December

A little something while I’m still writing my Day 2 entry on my Taiwan trip :) So, I’ve helped my friend to do up an itinerary for her Taiwan trip in December. She’s planning to countdown to the year’s end there. And as you know, there’s always a massive celebration with concerts and fireworks in […]

Taiwan Adventure Begins!

Most holidays begin with a plan, an itinerary. But it doesn’t necessary needs to be followed because there can be varying factors affecting your plan. The fun part about travelling is having to adjust your plans to suit the current conditions. For us, one of the condition we faced was TYPHOOOOON. *Yikes!* Thankfully, we were […]

A Dreamlike Trip to Bangkok

Why did I title it dreamlike? Cause my boyf and I are embarking on this Bangkok trip to see his all-time favourite Manchester United in BKK! Yup, they’re on an Asia Tour after winning the English Premier League for the 20th time! It was so difficult for us to secure tickets to watch their matches! […]

Girly Trip to BKK!

It’s the first time my group of girlfriends (CliqueIts) from poly flew together for a holiday, and it’s no less than Bangkok (BKK)! How much more excited can we get! Hehe, and it was also my first time to BKK. Although we had a total of 8 girls, only 6 of us went together for […]