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Hong Kong Food Guide – “Must-Eats” When You Travel!

[Article extracted from The Influencer Media, by Shanice Lim] Hong Kong is definitely a foodie’s paradise. Egg Tarts, Roasted Goose, Po Lo Bao, Dim Sum, Scrambled Eggs, Milk Pudding…………. Anything. You name it, they have it. I almost died from an unhealthy dose of craving HK food while preparing this guide and editing the photos […]

买东西,吃东西,non-stop eating & shopping!

[[ ** Updated on 23 October 2015 ** ]] Can you guess which country is this? If you have not guessed it right, it’s Hong Kong – Asia’s World City! After my 3rd trip to this Dim Sum Country, my friends have been asking me for some recommendations, tips, information, etc. After sending them emails, […]

My First Airplane Ride!

The first time I ever took an airplane, flew overseas, is with my Junior College’s Symphonic Band in year 2005. My first ever plane ride is on United Airlines from Singapore (SG) to Hong Kong (HK). The memories of the trip will and can never be erased :’) We did exceptionally well for our SG […]