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10 Of The Most Beautiful Starbucks Stores In Taiwan You Have To Visit

[Article extracted from City543, by Adrienne Lim] Translated to Chinese by Teresa Lee. With the rapid commercialization of society, coffee nowadays is closely associated with the modern working life—fast paced, high-stress living, constant need of energy replenishment and the like, and Starbucks—with its practically identical stores—is a large part of this age. We drink Starbucks […]

Starbucks @ Taipei 101

[Article extracted from Project Weekends, By Gail & Jem.] If you want to enjoy the view from atop Taipei 101 but don’t want to spend 400 NT (approximately S$16) on admission fees, we recommend making your way up to the famous Starbucks on the 35th floor. Astounding view with coffee to boot. – Gail & […]

Singaporeans’ Guide to Buying Winter Clothes

[Article extracted from Tripzilla Magazine, by Zakaria Muhammad]   Image credit: Steven Leonti Due to our geographical placement, Singapore is pretty much hot and humid all year round. Since most Singaporeans don’t have the chance to experience the four seasons  – namely summer, winter, autumn and spring – we lack the knowledge and weapons to weather the cold. Not surprisingly, […]

Hong Kong Food Guide – “Must-Eats” When You Travel!

[Article extracted from The Influencer Media, by Shanice Lim] Hong Kong is definitely a foodie’s paradise. Egg Tarts, Roasted Goose, Po Lo Bao, Dim Sum, Scrambled Eggs, Milk Pudding…………. Anything. You name it, they have it. I almost died from an unhealthy dose of craving HK food while preparing this guide and editing the photos […]

Guide to Taipei 台北 Yong Kang Street 永康街

[Article extracted from Lady Iron Chef. I’ve also googled and added information, with acknowledgement, to 2 of the eateries listed.] Yong Kang Street is a dining destination in Taipei. Whether its cheap and delicious Taiwanese snacks like ‘cong zhua bing’, shaved ice mountain or beef noodles; nice and chic cafes where you can get a […]

52 Things to do in Singapore before you die

[Article extracted from The Smart Local, by Bryan Choo] Some say Singapore is boring. That there isn’t anything to do besides shopping, eating, movie watching and um… queuing. Why do people spend hours lining up for tyre manufacturer recommended dim sum, American donuts and black Japanese cats? They must be really bored to give up […]

买东西,吃东西,non-stop eating & shopping!

[[ ** Updated on 23 October 2015 ** ]] Can you guess which country is this? If you have not guessed it right, it’s Hong Kong – Asia’s World City! After my 3rd trip to this Dim Sum Country, my friends have been asking me for some recommendations, tips, information, etc. After sending them emails, […]