Taiwan in December

A little something while I’m still writing my Day 2 entry on my Taiwan trip :)

So, I’ve helped my friend to do up an itinerary for her Taiwan trip in December. She’s planning to countdown to the year’s end there. And as you know, there’s always a massive celebration with concerts and fireworks in Taipei during their 跨年舞会, so be sure to be around Taipei 101’s vicinity to be part of the celebration! :)

Click HERE for her itinerary.

I did a pretty brief one for her, with the routes planned out. It seems a little similar to mine actually, heehee.

Some of the plans are not made on certain days, as I’m not too familiar with the city too, so she’ll explore on her own. Some of the parts are highlighted as she hasn’t booked her accommodation, and the information or plans are dependable on her booked accommodation.

A tip to travel planners, your first draft of the full itinerary is your ideal itinerary, but at times, you will need to change your plans cos the accommodation may not be available on your ideal dates, especially if you’re looking to book apartments with limited rooms. So, be flexible! :)

Here are links to some of the accommodations that she has booked, or is looking to book :)
Hualien: If Ocean
Kaohsiung: Kaohsiung Hotel Dùa
Taichung: Reloading Hotel
Taipei: Uptown Service Apartment in Xinyi District
Taipei: Service Apartment in Dan’an District
Taipei: Urban Loft in Dong Qu (东区)
Taipei: Superior Double Room in Ximen I
Taipei: Superior Double Room in Ximen II
Wulai: Beauty Garden Hotel
Wulai: Volando Urai Taiwan

I recently found this homestay for Jiufen 九份! It’s called 九份爱琴海民宿. Here’s their website and here’s a review about the homestay.

On a separate note, my friend and I love the Taiwanese idol drama – In Time 我可能不會愛你, so we went to search for the resort they stayed in in one of the episodes, and this is the one! Onsen Papawaqa in Miaoli, but it’s rather expensive, so we didn’t get to try it during our trip…

Below are some photos taken from Airbnb’s website for the above mentioned hotels :)

Uptown Service Apartment in Xinyi District

Uptown Service Apartment in Xinyi District

Service Apartment in Da'an District

Service Apartment in Da’an District

Superior Double Room in Ximen I

Superior Double Room in Ximen I



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