The impulse to travel is one of the hopeful symptoms of life.

Last Wednesday marked the end of my wonderful 12 days trip to Taiwan with my dearest friend Cheryl! Words can’t describe all the emotions and experiences felt during the trip!

Where should I begin?..

Right from the beginning, it took both of us a leap of faith to go on this journey together. We haven’t known each other for a lifetime, but we hit it off really well (to our amazement). We didn’t know much of each others habits and honestly, I believe both of us were worried that our characters will go hay-wire during the trip. But you know what? Life begins at the end of your comfort zone, and I’m truly thankful for this opportunity to grow and learn together while opening our eyes to a new sight of Taiwan :)

Over a meal of dim sum, we spontaneously agreed that we wanna travel to Taiwan and started discussing if we were to go together, when should we go and for how many days. (yea, ironically, we didn’t say that we wanna go to Hongkong, haha)

The next thing we knew, air fare promos popped out in our face, tickets booked and we’re on our way to Taiwan! It felt so surreal! A month after booking the air tickets, we finally sat down together to try to conceptualise our trip; which city to go to, how many days to stay in a particular city, what to do in that city, which hotel to stay in, etc.

The challenging part? Booking of hotels. Hell, we didn’t know that October was a busy month in Taiwan, i.e. popular hotels were in extreme demands. We were kinda stranded for a moment, but thanks to friends (of Cheryl’s) who recommended some of the apartments that they have researched on.

Overnight, we managed to book most of our accommodations. Thereafter, we started to throw in ideas of places to explore, and the itinerary planning was on its way.

Counting down to the day that we’ll be embarking on our journey ain’t easy. But with a blink of the eyes (okay, many blinks actually..), 4 October 2013 night came.

As the trip unfurls, we learnt more about each other and accepted each other for who we are, and for our weird habits, haha. For me personally, I fully understood the meaning of, “Patience is a virtue.” I also learnt to slow down my pace more and enjoy the surroundings.

Some of the highlights of the trip includes the beautiful sceneries, making new friends, getting to know beautiful Taiwan in a whole new way, travelling through different cities, spending within a tight budget, etc…

And for me, leaving behind my boyfriend for 12 whole days is also something new, haha. We’ve gotten used to being together, and it’s quite refreshing to be apart for a while.

In my own opinion,
when two travel together, both your lives merge together to form an experience.

For my own (and perhaps my friends’) reference, I’ll be posting more about our trip, including our itinerary in the posts to come!


Repost from my Facebook,

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page.”

I’m thankful for the past 12 days and my travel buddy, who never fails to watch out for me :) It’s a trip that taught me many things that I would have otherwise not learnt about, made friends that I would have otherwise not made.

We travelled through different cities, experienced what seemed like an Amazing Race, catching early trains to ensure that the travel fare meets our tight budget. Staying at different hotels/apartments and discovering places via (mostly) public transport made us feel like a local by the end of the trip. That feeling was and is totally awesome.

And, the sceneries definitely took our breaths away.

For now, it’s back to working hard, saving up. Like what Cheryl said, I’ve fed my soul with enough fuel till the next trip :)

p.s., to my dear friend Cheryl, my apologies for being a douchebag (if I did behave like one at times), but thank you for accepting me for who I am. I’ve enjoyed the trip a lot and I hope you did too. I believe I could have made the trip even more enjoyable, so I do hope we’ll get to go on another holiday again soon ;)

missing you and Taiwan already,


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