Cafes in Taiwan

Before my trip to Taiwan, I did a little lookup on some of the popular cafes in Taipei.

Here are some of the theme cafes/restaurants that are visited by many people. Cafes are listed in alphabetical order. Information are extracted out of the many online blogs. However, when I did my cafes-lookup, I didn’t thought I will be sharing the information via a blog, so I didn’t keep track of the blogs that I extracted information from. Pardon me for being unable to credit the information to the rightful owners!

I’ve also found another reference for cafes in Taipei. Click here to get to his website!

On a side note, if anyone of you have found the cafe – A380, it has actually closed its doors already.

Agnès b Cafe
Reviews I’ve briefly searched on are mostly on pastries and their drinks, and they have a few branches in Taipei.

  • Add: 2樓 No. 39號, Section 1, Fùxīng South Rd, Songshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 105
    (This is directly outside the Zhong Shan MRT station)
    Tel: +886 2 8772 5752
  • Add: 1F 2 Lane 106 Da’an Road Section 1, Taipei 台北市大安路一段106巷2號1樓
    (walking dist fr Zhong Xiao Fu Xing station)
    Tel: (02) 8773 5273
    Operating Hours: 12pm – 11pm
    Price: [drinks] 80~160 NTD [desserts] 100~230 NTD

Aranzi Cafe
It is an adorable café that was founded in Japan, and now numerous locations have appeared in Taiwan. Located in the Zhongshan Shin Kong Mitsukoshki, Aranzi Café offers savory lunches, sweet desserts and an assortment of tea and coffee selections. The carefully prepared food is stamped with charming Aranzi characters. We adore the sumptuous bunny pancakes and tiramisu coffee. What makes this café even more enjoyable are the collectible Aranzi popsicle sticks. This café sells Aranzi paraphernalia for those that are devoted to the characters. Don’t forget to grab the available to-go desserts that also feature our lovely friends before heading out.

  • Add: 新光三越台北南西店二館 4F (Nanxi Road, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi #2, 4F)
    MRT: Zhongshan, Exits 1,2 or 3


Barbie Cafe
Right at the convenient Zhongxiao East Road, the location is very near (5 minutes walk) to the Hello Kitty theme cafe and for those who who are planning to visit, you can visit these 2 theme restaurants places on the same day.

The menu was designed by a nutritionist, and lists the calories for each Barbie-themed food choice available.

  • Add: No. 128 Zhōngxiào East Road Section 4, 2F, Dà’ān District, Taipei
    地址: 台北市大安區忠孝東路四段128號2樓
  • Reservation Recommended
    There is almost no chance that you can just walk into these 2 theme cafes / restaurants without booking and get a place immediately, unless perhaps during a typhoon. So book early; 1 day in advance should get you a place with minimial waiting. If you still feel stubbon, then you can expect to wait up till 1 hour before you get a seat.
  • Bring fully charged camera
    The latest barbie theme restaurant in Taipei have almost everything barbie the moment you step inside the restaurant. The waitress wears a barbie apron; the seats, decor and menu all spells barbie. So you will be in for a full barbie retreat and nothing beats taking cute photos as a remembrance to this place.
  • Opening Hours:
    • Lunch: 11:30~14:30
    • Afternoon tea: 14:30~17:30
    • Dinner : 17:30~10:00pm, 17:30~2:00 (weekends)
  • Tel: (02) 2752-8711


Dazzling Cafe (Sunshine)
Extremely popular for their truffle fries, coffee, and toast!

  • Add: A11, Xinyi Mitsukoshi, 2FL
    Tel: (02) 2723-0767
    MRT: Taipei City Hall, Exit 3
  • Operating Hours:
    • 11AM- 11PM (last order 10PM)
    • Fri/Sat 11AM-12AM (last order 11PM)

dazzlingcafeDéjà vu Restaurant
A joint venture by Jay Chou and Liu Qian, this “Magic” themed restaurant features some of the personal collections of the 2 well-known Taiwan celebrities. Here, you can find a batman mobile, many century-old antique chairs and tables, antique piano as well as many props used by Liu Qian in his magic shows. Each item in this collection tells a story and bringing these pieces together, they will bring about a Déjà vu feeling.

  • Restaurant Features:
    • In-house Magic and Musical performances. They have a schedule for their performances. You can check it out in their webpage.
    • European styled interior design along with antique collections.
  • Prices: 300 NTD for appetiser and 680 NTD for mains.
  • Add: 台北市八德路一段一號  ( 華山1914文創園區  中四A館 )
    No.1, Sec. 1, Bade Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., taipei city 100, Taiwan
  • Tel: +886-2-2396-8296
  • Operating Hours: 12:00 ~ 24:00
  • How to get there: The restaurant is located between Zhongxiao Xinsheng  & Shandao MRT stations. You can walk as suggested by the map below


Fatimaid Cafe
Address: No. 4, Lane 21, Zhèngzhōu Rd, Datong District, Taipei City, Taiwan 10041
Tel: +886 2 2559 2620

Hello Kitty Sweets
There is another reason to rejoice for Hello Kitty Fans if you are going to Taipei. Located near Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT, you can easily walk up to this café to enjoy their offering of Hello Kitty desserts. In this Hello Kitty theme café from Taipei, they sell cakes, puddings and tarts with cute designs. You can see more of their offering here. And if you are visiting Hello Kitty Sweets, do not forget to visit also the latest craze restaurant; the barbie theme restaurant . They are only 5 minutes walking distance apart!

  • Restaurant features:
    • Hello kitty, hello kitty & hello kitty. From food to decor.
    • Pastries and cakes.
  • Location : 台北市大安路一段90號(90 Da’An Road)
    (across the road from 45 Zhongxiao East Road (Sec. 4) Sogo department store)
  • Tel:  (02) 2711-1132
  • Operating hours
    • 11:00 ~ 21:30 (weekdays)
    • 11:00 ~ 22:00 (eve of public holiday)
  • How to get there: Zhongxiao Fuxing Station Exit 2. You will hit SOGO & its located at level B1.


Kanpai Restaurant [Featured in 败犬女王]
Kanpai is a chain of BBQ restaurants opened by Asahi, a Japanese beer company. One can find Kanpai restaurants in Taipei and Taichung. Kanpai is very popular among the yuppies in the cities and we had to make reservations before we even arrived in Taiwan!

The food is not bad. But the finale of the night is the Kanpai time at 8 p.m. Before 8, the staff went to different tables and asked some questions about the customers such as why they come to the restaurant. Once they have the information of most of the tables, they will introduce the different groups of customers to the whole restaurant during Kanpai time. After which, you can finish your drink and have a free refill!

You may check out their website for their outlets addresses as they have a few.

In Taipei:

  • Add: 台北市敦化南路一段236巷17號
  • Tel: 886 2 8773-1150
  • Operating hours: Daily 5pm – 11pm
  • MRT Station: ZhongXiao FuXing


In Taichung:

  • Add: 台中市西區精誠三街2號
  • Tel: 886 4 2310-2978
  • Operating hours:
    • Sunday to Thursday 17:00 – 24:00
    • Friday & Saturday 17:00 – 02:00
  • 车站: [忠明国小] 48, 57, 70

Maiden Diner 夢幻餐車
Tel: 02-2558-8279

Modern Toilet Restaurant
In this Toilet themed restaurant, you will see all sorts of fancy toilet bowls once you get in. Their seats are made of toilet bowl designs, so is the food. If you order ice cream, they will be served in a small bath tub holder. They opened a branch near the Ximending MRT and it is located in walking distance from the MRT.

P.S. Don’t order too much, food reviews are so-so only. Go for the experience.

  • Restaurant features:
    • Toilet themed restaurant.
    • They serve hotpots, spaghetti and other mains.
  • Add: 2F, No 7, Lane 50, Xi-Ning South Road, Taipei Taiwan
  • Tel: (02)23118822
  • How to get there: Ximen MRT and walk as suggested by MAP below


Mr J French-Italian Restaurant
Blogs on this restaurant:
1. Vivianism
2. Noob Cook
3. Pinky Piggu

Address: 250 WuXing Street. Taipei Medical University Taipei, Taiwan
Tel: +886-2-2377-9090
How to get there: Take Blue Bus 5 (蓝五) from Taipei City Hall MRT

(This address is different from the one listed in the website)
Address: No.43, Lane. 308, Guangfu South Road., Da-an District. Taipei, Taiwan
台北市大安區光復南路308巷43號(Nearest MRT station: Taipei City Hall)
Tel: +886-2-2778-7833

[Click on image below to go the website and view the interactive map.]mrjNinja Restaurant
If you want to get value for your money and actually savor the food you’re eating, then the Ninja restaurant is our recommendation. Expect Japanese cuisine, with yummy selections like sashimi, sushi, barbecue, and salads. Draft beer served in paper lanterns also made an appearance. We were quite pleased with the prices, the service, and the flavors, especially when compared to the other themed restaurants.

The Ninja restaurant was previously a hospital themed eatery, and the remnants are still obvious. At one point a ninja waitress who wanted to ‘play a game’ approached us. Roll the dice; guess if your number is higher or lower than your competitor. If you win, liquid from a ‘good’ syringe is dispensed into your mouth. If you lose, unluckily you get the bad one. Also, be aware that the ninja-gals put on a bit of a dance in the middle of dinner. Just let them know in advance if you would like to participate in the half-time show or not. Be prepared, there is ice involved.

  • Add: No. 129Civic Blvd. Section 4, SongShan District Taipei
    台北市松山区市民大道四段 129号
  • Nearest MRT: ZhongXiao DunHua Station (Walk down from the MRT, takes about 10-15mins)
  • Tel: 02-2577-3300 (Reservation Recommended!)
  • Operating hours:
    • Lunch 11:30AM-2:00PM
    • Dinner 6PM-12AM (1AM on Fri/Sat)


Noise Kitchen
Attached to the Taipei Digital Arts Center, Noise Café is a musical playground.  The tables are xylophones and the drawers are accordions.  Along the walls, different sizes and shapes of bottles, glasses, and bowls are connected to a small keyboard.  Each bottle corresponds to a note on the keyboard!  (The Taiwan Beer Bottle plays a D sharp).

At the counter where you order and pay, they’ve set up a game called “Tea Time.”  ”Tea” is a pun for 踢, which means “kick” in Mandarin.  Kick a block of wood on the floor to turn the clock back a few minutes, and extend your afternoon tea break.

  • Address: No. 180, Fúhuá Rd, Shilin District (Nearest MRT: Mingde Station)
  • Tel: 0277360708
  • Price: ~$120/drink

[Click on image below to go the website and view the interactive map.]noisekitchen

A cup of coffee shared with a friend is happiness tasted and time well spent,


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