A Dreamlike Trip to Bangkok

Why did I title it dreamlike?

Cause my boyf and I are embarking on this Bangkok trip to see
his all-time favourite Manchester United in BKK!

Yup, they’re on an Asia Tour after winning the English Premier League for the 20th time!


It was so difficult for us to secure tickets to watch their matches! We were actually aiming to see them in Hongkong, but the tickets to the matches were fully sold out within 3 hours of tickets sales launch!

Bangkok was a destination that was announced at a later date, after the 4 countries were announced. The Singapore MUFC committee made special arrangements directly with Manchester United and managed to sign up interested parties for the Bangkok match tickets before sales launch.

Thankfully for them, we secured a pair of tickets for ourselves, and we started booking our air tickets and accommodation after getting the confirmation from Singapore MUFC, heehee. Can’t help feeling all excited just by looking at my boyf’s expression, haha!

Here’s a video of the fans in Bangkok welcoming the Manchester United visiting players!

And click here for the official video trailer from Manchester United!

Any-oh-how, my dear boyf booked our air tickets on Jetstar and it amounted to about S$350 per pax. Well, it came up to be so expensive, cause he gets easily hungry, so he chose to have meals on both our flights to and fro Bangkok (on top of the check-in baggage fees). I know, some people will say, might as well book a seat on Thai Airways, haha.

Below is our itinerary for our BKK trip, from 11 – 15 July 2013. I made him plan it :P
You may click here to save it in PDF format :)



This is our second trip going overseas alone, together as a couple :) I’ve learned how to be a better partner, both in the relationship and as a traveller, how to be appreciative of what another person has done and sacrificed for you :)

I really thank God for putting this special guy in my life, really :)

The best part of this trip, was to walk 6km under the hot sun, hand-in-hand, to get to the stadium just to watch his fav team play; to see his face lit with excitement during the match; to see how affected he was by this football club cause he simply loves them tooooo much; to see how persistent he was to look for a particular food stall in Chatuchak although he was dead hungry; and to see how much he looked after me during this trip.

I can’t wait to go on another trip together with my boyf! And our next aim? To watch Manchester United play in Old Trafford! :)

More entries coming up, dictating our journey in BKK!

Love . Adventure . Explore . Together


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