First Trip out of Asia

First trip out of Asia, to Europe!

Usually, many people will travel for 2-3 weeks in Europe, exploring the different countries in the region. For me, it was as school band/orchestra trip to Vienna & Salzburg; the land of MUSIC!

Our main purpose of travel was to take part in the Summa Cum Laude competition that’s held annually in Vienna. We did exceedingly well for the competition and were all superbly happy with the results.

I was part of the executive committee of the band/orchestra; hence prior to the trip, I was heavily involved in the admin responsibilities for the trip. It was tough juggling school work and co-curriculum activities work especially during that period, but the sense of satisfaction was great.

During the trip, we not only visited the famous places in Vienna, we also had many band/orchestra practices in preparation for the competition. (So, it wasn’t just play only.) Due to a drastic change in weather (imagine hot & humid Singapore vs. cold and dry Vienna), the practices were very crucial for us to get used to the weather there, which actually affects our playing embouchure.

Many incidents happened during the trip too…

  • A friend, J, was unable to walk out of a sudden, like some kind of muscle loss. She was brought to the hospital for examination while we continue with our practice. RS & CS claims that her room was disturbed by spirits, hence the 2 of them, along with C & E, kept J & EL accompany in their room for a night.
  • Apparently another guy (I can’t remember his name) drank a lot on his own and went hysterical. Some said he was possessed. He started to kick and fist himself, climbed up to remove the cross on the hotel room door, etc. H & G (2 strong men) were unable to hold him down. I don’t know for sure what happened next, but ultimately he calmed down and the drama was over.
  • Clarinet section had some disputes and there were big hoohas all around; tears shed & rebellion action. Some of the guys and girls of this section really went overboard. I remember how the girls got wasted in a guy’s room and were busted when our student leader went around doing room checks to ensure that everyone were in their rooms. (As the hotel switches off their corridor lights during the night to save energy, no one was allowed to roam around, eerie indeed.)

After the competition, we traveled up by coach to Salzburg to perform there. No bad incidents to share but J got well and was up on her feet immediately after we arrived in Salzburg. It was really a much pleasant stay in Salzburg! :)

Vienna Opera House


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