My First Airplane Ride!

The first time I ever took an airplane, flew overseas, is with my Junior College’s Symphonic Band in year 2005. My first ever plane ride is on United Airlines from Singapore (SG) to Hong Kong (HK). The memories of the trip will and can never be erased :’)

We did exceptionally well for our SG Youth Festival’s band competition in that year and clinched the first gold medal for the band, doing the school proud :) ’cause of that, we earned ourselves an overseas band music exchange trip! :D

Preparations were fast underway and after the examinations, December came and off were we to HK! It was an eventful trip…

  • Visits to the various places of interest
    • Disneyland – I got a Mickey Mouse soft toy as my birthday present from my best guy Pal!!
    • Victoria Peak
    • Took a ferry to Ngong Ping, Lantau Island to visit the Big Buddha
    • Famous Temples and we even had a vegetarian meal in one of the temples
  • Band exchange with Ho Fung College (a local college in HK)
  • Attended band concerts at the City Hall concert hall
  • Shopping
  • Eating
  • Birthday surprise for our friend with candles on a plate cos we got no cake and it was super last minute, haha!
  • etc, etc, etc!
That's us pouncing a surprise on our dear friend in the hotel room! heeee..

That’s us pouncing a surprise on our dear friend in the hotel room! heeee..

I still remember how J & I screamed our lungs out in the indoor roller coaster ride at Dinesyland while Y throws back both her arms and enjoyed the ride. Haha, the mandatory shot on every ride came out super unglamourous cos J & I had our heads hid under the front of the seat while Y literally had her arms in the air! And the best take back from the trip, other than those memories and fun times, was really the Mickey Mouse gift from Pal :)

Ahhhhhh, those memories! Here’s some videos for you to enjoy! Hehehehe.

Our gold medal piece at the SG Youth Festival’s band competition Year 2005

A photo collage video done by our friend for our Trip to HK

Songs that we played for Ho Fung College during the music exchange.

How beautiful it is to travel :)


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